Mobile & Web Apps

At Cognitum we are distinguished by holistic support while deploying well-tried techniques, methods, and models. We change your vision into reality.


Responsive web app or a mobile app?

-We can do both!

Lot’s of our clients struggle at first with the right choice, shall we create a responsive web application or a mobile application? Our answer is always the same – it depends on your business case. There are differences not only in the final product shape, but also in project development time, team competences and so, the budget. Want to know more? Don’t hesitate and ask for a free consultation with our expert, who will help you finding answer for this and other questions regarding your project! 

Case "Special Delivery"

Investor approached us with UBER-like startup idea. We have implemented successful MVP in 2 Months in a holistic way:

  1. End-to-end solution development, including UX/UI;
  2. Landing page and marketing design creation.

Technology: Xamarin.Native, Google Firebase